Community Service Ideas For College-Bound Students

For some college students, community service will be a prerequisite for graduation. Others might enjoy volunteering. Regardless of the reason for their participation, community service opportunities for college students might include:


Campus Initiatives

Typically, numerous campus-based volunteer opportunities will be available. Common in-house activities can include anti-bullying campaigns and mental health counseling for students dealing with emotional, personal, or academic struggles.


Helping The Homeless Or Poor

Unfortunately, regardless of where a student attends college, there is a good chance that the city or town has homeless or impoverished people in need of assistance. Community organizations charged with helping struggling populations can typically benefit from eager and enthusiastic young people seeking to help their fellow man.


Working With The Elderly

Facilities housing persons of advanced age can usually be found in most communities. Working with elderly people can be quite rewarding for young people. Older individuals appreciate the time youthful persons take to spend with them. In turn, sage subjects can impart a great deal of wisdom that can benefit college students as they progress in their lives and careers.


Becoming Involved With Various Houses Of Worship

Houses of worship encompassing many religious denominations will often be found in a college student’s new community. Churches, synagogues, and mosques often oversee or sponsor a plethora of charitable endeavors and are always looking for eager volunteers to help perform various essential tasks.


Organizing Environmental Improvement Projects

Regardless of where people relocate, the environment always plays a vital part in their life. Dirty, damaged or tainted lands not only renders impacted locations aesthetically unpleasing but could ultimately threaten the health and safety of those who reside there. Therefore, many college students choose to participate in environmental improvement projects. One such simple effort is to gather a group of people to clean a public area such as a park.


Helping Young People

Many communities have a certain percentage of at-risk youths who could benefit from a college student’s influence. Some university students opt to join mentoring programs in which they spend a bit of time each week (or whenever the schedules of mentor and mentee permits) with youth in need. They provide advice, answer any questions they may have, and serve as their advocate.