Carl Turnley: Looking Forward, Giving Back

From Father to Son

Carl Turnley is an executive business leader currently serving as the president of KTC Telecom in Kaplan, LA. His never-back-down attitude is responsible for his rising through the ranks at his company from an installer and repairman to his current position as president of the organization. Carl recognizes the benefits intrinsic to hard work and is appreciative of all that it has brought him. He firmly believes in the idea that to truly encapsulate what it means to be a leader, one must give as much–if not more–than he takes. Carl is a selfless entrepreneur who continues to help others in forming and achieving their business dreams.

Carl explains that his awareness of the interconnectedness that is so important to personal and professional success comes from his father, who started a telecommunications company just after the Second World War. This casual introduction into the field he continues to master today has taught him a lesson that extends past the world of his work into his personal values. Doing a handful of jobs both physical and strategic, he gained a sense for the complexity inherent to success in and out of the workplace and he credits his father with teaching him the value of giving to others, an ideal that has stuck firmly with him throughout his career in telecom, and his life.

After all, his father’s offer opened up the world to him, and he took full advantage. With someone so close both personally and professionally actively involved with an industry that was always changing, Carl’s interest was piqued. With the birth of the internet taking the world by storm, Carl quickly became immensely involved in learning more about the new technology and the always-evolving nature of the telecom industry. Turnley has remained in the industry ever since, and has his father to thank for his evolution not only as a leader, but as a man.

The morals and virtues instilled in him by his father have shaped the way Carl Turnley approaches business, and life, still today. He believes in helping others get started with their own projects, always offering his business expertise and knowledge, as well as his time, when at all possible. When asked about his passions, he never fails to mention helping young business leaders with strategic visioning and execution, two areas in particular in which he excels in the business world.  

Active InvolvementCarl-Turnley

Whenever away from his work, Carl continually rediscovers the enriching experience of contributing to non-profit organizations. His own brother, Wes, was paralyzed for 36 years and participated actively in the Special Olympics. His brother’s continuing dedication to greatness inspired him to be a life-long supporter. He attends events and works with athletes to help motivate them to reach their potential.

Carl also contributes to local schools in his district by visiting and educating children about the many components of business. He contributes to Hearts of Hope, which supports those in need of moral support by spending time to create warm gifts for the underprivileged. In addition, Carl contributes to the Alzheimer’s Association & Dan Wheldon Foundation. One thing Carl appreciates most is the recurring reminder that some of the greatest joys in life come not from helping oneself but from helping others. In other words, the gift of giving is greater than the gift given.

Carl never forgets the understated importance of generosity. He makes in-person visits, and donates his time to work side-by-side with these charities because it is more valuable than donating money. Rather than simply writing a check and washing his hands of a situation, Turnley prefers to get involved in a more hands-on, direct manner with his charities. He sees donating one’s time as more of a real involvement on behalf of the giver–giving money may be easier or faster, but investing time in a cause requires passion and a drive for success. Seeing the smiles on the faces of those who need it the most is one of the most beautiful things that one person can do for another.

Reiterating the undeniable interconnectedness of humanity, he says “We all need to give back to [the] communities that provided us with the foundation and values to succeed.”

In recent years, Carl has taken strides to help his alma maters, Mount Carmel Elementary & Vermilion Catholic High School, by donating money and resources to help rebuild the facilities on-site. In keeping with Carl’s idea that time is worth more than money, he has invested considerable amounts of his own time into helping the educational facilities become pillars of success and education within the community. He believes that by building a stronger educational foundation, the future business leaders of America will be directed down a path destined for success.